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We really understand how to create unique, bespoke gifts

Products in an expensive gift box?

Anyone can do that. We focus on how to deliver an experience; something that’s memorable and completely personal.  Gifts to make you think.

The gift of a book is a lasting one.
Books transport us – places, people, experiences, emotions. When you give someone a book, you are inviting them to experience something brand new, spending time with them as they turn the pages. 

A book offers something more nuanced, more meaningful than a box of chocolates.

bespoke products

There’s nothing new in putting your logo on a product. But after four years, we have a black book of trusted designers, creatives and suppliers we can call on. And of course, we always deliver on time and on budget.

personal choice

Whether you’re looking for something completely bespoke, one of our bestselling subscriptions, personalised gift vouchers or an ‘off the peg’ gift box, we’ve got it. And if we haven’t, we love a challenge.